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A Boost for Beans

Asiimwe Onesmus on his farm. ©GIZ\BvAT, Pamella Magino


The story of a farmer from Uganda trained by KHEA

Asiimwe Onesmus was one of many farmers participating in the ten concluded KHEA farmer trainings across the region. The trainings taught him not only to use less external inputs but also to avoid synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. “I have incorporated organic farming practices including crop rotation, composting manure, spraying with organic pesticides such as biochar, ash mixed with water, and local herbs”, he proudly says.

Asiimwe is a farmer and trained multiplier of Rukiga district in Western Uganda. He specializes in organic bean production. After he implemented what he had learned in the trainings, he didn’t have to wait long to see positive results. “This has greatly improved production. I manage a small farm of 2 acres, and I now harvest 2 tons of beans, something I never achieved while I used artificial methods of farming.”

Asiimwe’s conversion to organic also has economic benefits for him and his community. “Because of the produce, I get an income and deploy people and educate them to the farming needs of bean production required to increase yields.”, he adds cheerfully.

The KHEA farmer trainings aim to disseminate knowledge and good organic farming practices among the local communities across the whole region. Asiimwe is one of numerous trained farmers making use of the positive effects of organic farming. By farming organically, he both contributes to an intact environment and to less food contamination.

* This story was originally published on the KCOA Newsletter – Issue no. 1.

Editors/ Authors: KHEA and GIZ-KCOA

KCOA Editor
Author: KCOA Editor



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