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Nature’s Victory: The Organic Odyssey of Abia’s Fields


In the heart of Abia State, where the earth meets the sky in a dance of vibrant hues, my story unfolds. It’s a tale woven with threads of determination, innovation, and the sweet taste of triumph in the world of organic agriculture. Here, amidst fields that stretch as far as the eye can see, we, the organic farmers, discovered our guiding light – a sustainable approach that not only nurtured our crops but also cradled our environment. This is the tale of our success, a narrative born from a simple yet profound idea: to harness the boundless power of nature.

Our journey into sustainable farming led us to embrace the very essence of organic agriculture (OA). It’s not just a method; it’s a way of life, emphasizing the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature. It’s about wise resource management, blending traditional wisdom with the marvels of modern science, and bidding farewell to harmful chemicals. Yet, our path in Abia State was strewn with challenges. Pests and diseases threatened our harvests, causing losses from the fields to the precious moments of post-harvest.

In the face of adversity, NOAN through the KHWAKCOA project came to our rescue. With multiple training into the art of organic pest management – a holistic approach that aimed not just to combat pests but also to nourish the very soul of our crops. We learned to caress our soil, treasuring our crops like the gems they were, employing natural herbicides, choosing plant varieties with care, and welcoming natural predators as allies. The project provided a comprehensive strategy including finding an organic solution to the persistent plague of Cucumber Mosaic Virus (CMV) that haunted our beloved okra plants.

We learnt to explore the potential of Jatropha curcas, a resilient shrub often found along winding bush paths. This unassuming plant held within its leaves a natural arsenal – phytochemicals with remarkable biological prowess. The goal was clear: to harness these natural wonders and craft a shield against the CMV onslaught.

The project unfolded meticulously. Jatropha curcas leaf extract, in varying concentrations, became our potion against the virus. Weeks turned into a symphony of observations, data collection, and analysis. The results surpassed our wildest dreams. The 100% concentrated Jatropha curcas leaf extract emerged as the hero, quelling both the incidence and severity of the virus. Even at average concentrations, this botanical marvel enhanced yields and nurtured the overall growth of our okra plants and neighboring crops. The secret? The antimicrobial prowess of Jatropha curcas leaves – nature’s defense against pests and pathogens.

Our fields, once marred by viral diseases and pest infestations, now thrived in the glow of health and vitality. The joy among our farmers was palpable, a testament to the success of our organic endeavors. But our journey didn’t end there. Fueled by this triumph, we extended our hands to fellow farmers. Through farm visits, seminars, field days, and workshops, we shared our knowledge, illuminating the paths of others with the magic of Jatropha leaf extract.

I am Jubilant Ogechi Umeh, an organic farmer, multiplier and master trainer for the NOAN KHWAKCOA project from Abia State, Nigeria. My story transcends the confines of my own experience; it’s a testament to the immense potential nestled within nature’s embrace. In the gentle rustle of leaves and the vivid hues of our crops, we discovered not just sustenance but also a promise – a promise of a greener, healthier future, one organic harvest at a time. This is our tale of triumph, etched amidst the fields of Abia State, where nature’s wisdom prevails, and where, against all odds, we found our path to organic victory.

Hepzibah Abiodun Ebe
Author: Hepzibah Abiodun Ebe

Communication Specialist | Current Communications Manager; NOAN, KHWAKCOA | Tech Enthusiast | Social Media | SME Startup & Growth | Wellness & Lifestyle | Content Creator



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