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Organic Farming will protect your Soil Health


Elisha Lugano a sun flower farmer from Mahama village -Chamwino district based in Dodoma region received training from Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement (TOAM) under the KCOA-KHEA Project. Through the training, he was able to plant sunflower that’s the resistant type in the central zone.

From the training, Elisha says they were guided on planning planting space for the sunflower as well as the best organic farming practices. He has prepared his farm using natural compost to curb the climatic challenges in the area.

“Previously my sunflower was affected by the spotting diseases, however after having produced organic pesticides like plant tea, I managed to fight the pests thanks to the KCOA-KHEA Project farmer training,” says Elisha Lugalo

Different ingredients have been used to produce the organic pesticides and these include; cow dung, urine and other organic inputs and this must be prepared in a clean environment. These inputs cure the spotting disease. Organic farming is the only solution to protecting us and the next generation from the harmful effects of chemical inputs. Through use of organic farming practices, soil, health and environment are protected hence an increased in healthier yields.

It is notable that when growing 70 kilos of sunflower prepared using organic farming practices and techniques, you can get 22 litres of sun flower oil. Before accessing training from the KCOA-KHEA Project, I used to harvest 3 bags of sunflower seed but now I can harvest over 80 bags of sun flower on 8 acres of land and the profits I earn from the sales have supported me in paying for my children school fees, pay the workers and also construct shelter for my family. In 2021, I purchased 4 cows as a result of the sales from the sun flower and hoping for more benefits in the coming years. 

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Success story collection – done by Anatory Gabriel – Communications Officer – TOAM

Edited, reviewed&uploaded by Magino Pamella-KHEA Communications Officer-PELUM Uganda and Biovision Africa Trust Kenya

Pamella Magino
Author: Pamella Magino

Ms. Magino Pamella joined Participatory Ecological Land Use Management (PELUM) Uganda on 1st October 2021 as a Communications Officer for the KCOA-KHEA Project. She comes with over 9 years’ experience as a Communications and Marketing professional in the area of Public Relations, Business Development and Marketing. Pamella offers her clients a visionary and holistic approach to developing communication strategies that are both effective and efficient. Pamella holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication majored in Public Relations and a Certified Member of the Public Relations Association Uganda a recognized umbrella body of all private and public Public Relations professionals, Communication Specialists, Brand Managers, Mass Communication & other related disciplines’ in Uganda. She previously worked with different organizations; The Nile Basin Initiative Secretariat Entebbe, Victoria University Kampala –Uganda, MK Publishers Limited, Monitor Publications Limited, School Times Newspaper, Prime Radio, Africa Youth Leadership Forum, League of Young Professionals Uganda, Volunteer Evolution Arica, Eliham Girl Child charity house.



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