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Multipliers successfully disseminate relevant knowledge on organic agriculture and agroecology to farmers, farmer associations, processors, marketers, and consumers. Multipliers play an important role in the collection, co-creation, and validation of knowledge, especially for traditional and indigenous knowledge. On the Multiplier Network they write in an informal or conversational style about their success stories and their multiplier stories.

Success stories inform us of knowledge products that made an impact in the transformation of agriculture and food systems.
Multiplier stories provide updates from field, inspiring news, exciting things to know about dissemination and exchange of experience on networking.

Green manures are crops that are grown specifically to be put back in the soil while they are still green

Mr. Tinkamanyire James 67 years old, a resident of Rweshende, Ntungamo district is considered a senior citizen in Uganda. Tinkamanyire started farming way back in

Just like many farmers, Mr. Simon Opido, 54 years old, used to use conventional ways of farming on his 10-acre farm for some time. On

Mulching is one of the organic technologies that contribute to soil fertility enhancement.

There are so many different types of green peas grown around the country but these specific green peas locally known as “Obukwamimbi in the Lukonjo

Agriculture is the backbone of Uganda and provides a livelihood to more than three-quarters of the population and mostly to small-scale farmers. Agriculture and its

In a hilly village of Kagati in Rukungiri district is where 46-year-old Ms. Ruth Arinaitwe calls home. Arinaitwe is a renown farmer in her area

“My discovery of Bokashi compost fertiliser has created a great experience for me in farming" says Jennipher Handondo.

Ten years ago, amidst the challenges of conventional farming practices, Josphat Munywoki embarked on a journey towards a greener, more sustainable future. His path was

Life as a smallholder farmer in a changing climate can be tough and frustrating. It may often seem hopeless because extreme weather conditions lead to

Organic agriculture

When opportunity meets the prepared, it is said great things are bound to happen. This is what exactly happened in 2018 when Mr. Julius Echodu,

Our journey led us to the doorstep of Alphonse Nsengiyumva, a visionary multiplier trained on ecological organic practices by Rwanda Organic Agriculture Movement (ROAM) the