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Multipliers successfully disseminate relevant knowledge on organic agriculture and agroecology to farmers, farmer associations, processors, marketers, and consumers. Multipliers play an important role in the collection, co-creation, and validation of knowledge, especially for traditional and indigenous knowledge. On the Multiplier Network they write in an informal or conversational style about their success stories and their multiplier stories.


When opportunity meets the prepared, it is said great things are bound to happen. This is what exactly happened in 2018 when Mr. Julius Echodu,

Our journey led us to the doorstep of Alphonse Nsengiyumva, a visionary multiplier trained on ecological organic practices by Rwanda Organic Agriculture Movement (ROAM) the

Kakande can never look back at this point only the sky is the limit to his progress and love for farming which makes him more

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“We invested UGX 4 million in spraying the watermelons and when it came to selling, we only got UGX 300,000 since most of them had

In Ngoma District (Rwanda), a remarkable success story has been unfolding, underlining the transformative power of knowledge /skills and innovation in agriculture. At Humura Agroecological

The on-and-off civil conflicts and the political instability in South Sudan have led to the largest ongoing refugee crisis in Africa. According to The United

Mr. Onesimus Asiimwe, 45 years old, is one peculiar char- acter who wished to become a farmer right from childhood. This was not perceived well

In 1962, Mr. Moses Galiwango’s future was set out straight when a family friend promised his father that he would gift his first-born with land.

In the heart of Abia State, where the earth meets the sky in a dance of vibrant hues, my story unfolds. It’s a tale woven

Elisha Lugano a sun flower farmer from Mahama village -Chamwino district based in Dodoma region received training from Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement (TOAM) under the

Ms. Prosy Nkabi, is one of those people you would say can make pigs fly; a statement to mean she can do the impossible. This