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The Transformative Journey of COPROBIO Cooperative through Mushroom Farming


In Ngoma District (Rwanda), a remarkable success story has been unfolding, underlining the transformative power of knowledge /skills and innovation in agriculture. At Humura Agroecological Center an Associate Partner on the KCOA-KHEA Project under ROAM, a group of 30 dedicated farmers, united under COPROBIO Cooperative, embarked on a journey of knowledge and growth that has since changed their lives and community for the better.

It all began with their training under the KCOA Project under the Knowledge Hub for Organic Agriculture in Eastern Africa (KHEA) on Organic Agriculture (OA) practices. But what truly set this group of farmers on a path to success was their access to agricultural insights, through video resources provided by Access Agriculture and disseminated by ROAM (Rwanda Organic Agriculture Movement) a CIP on the KCOA-KHEA Project with the use of a screening projector.

One of the most remarkable outcomes of this training is the adoption of mushroom cultivation. Inspired by the videos and driven by their newfound knowledge, these farmers took the bold step of incorporating mushroom farming into their agricultural practices. It’s not just about growing a new crop; it’s about cultivating a sustainable source of nutrition and income.

Mushrooms are rich in essential nutrients, and by introducing them into their diets, these farmers have not only improved their own nutrition but have also set a healthy example for their families and communities. Additionally, mushroom farming has opened up new income-generating opportunities by selling their produce in local markets, they are not only enhancing their own economic well-being but also strengthening the local economy.

What makes this story even more inspiring is the spirit of collaboration and community support that upholds it. COPROBIO, consisting of 30 farmers, contains the idea that collective effort and shared knowledge can lead to greater success. The group is a network of like-minded individuals who learn from one another, offer assistance when needed, and celebrate each other’s successes. In a world where modern technology and digital platforms like Access Agriculture can bridge knowledge gaps and empower farmers, this story is a shining example of what can be achieved. It showcases the potential for change that emerges when rural communities gain access to the wealth of agricultural wisdom that exists worldwide.

In conclusion, the journey of these 30 farmers from COPROBIO Cooperative is a testament to the transformative power of knowledge, collaboration, and innovation. By embracing new practices and tackling the potential of mushroom farming, they have not only improved their nutrition and income but have also sown the seeds of positive change in their community. Their story serves as a beacon of hope for others looking to embark on a similar journey of agricultural growth and prosperity.

Success story collection – done by Diana Mukantwari– Communications Officer – Rwanda Organic Agriculture Movement – ROAM,

Edited, reviewed by Rwanda Organic Agriculture Movement (ROAM) team

Diane Mukantwari
Author: Diane Mukantwari

I'm Diane Mukantwari, a Rwandese communication specialist at ROAM (Rwanda Organic Agriculture Movement)



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